Pitch bending technology for free reed musical instruments


Welcome to our home page for the BluesBoxTM - the world's only acoustic pitch bending accordion/free-reed technology. 

Indeed, for the first time since the invention of Western keyed free reed musical instruments - over a hundred and fifty years ago - BluesBoxTM patented technology allows the musician to acoustically pitch bend by manipulation of any key of the instrument, producing infinitesimal gradations of pitch, as quickly and as precisely as desired. 

Our technology is not yet commercially available; however, we are interested in working with accomplished musicians as a way to introduce this technology into the marketplace, enhance musical expression for the musician, and have some fun along the way. 

Our first web page appeared in 1996, and since then, we have developed several prototypes, some of which are pictured below, and some of which were used to make videos and recordings that can be accessed through the links below. 

If you have any questions, please email me, Tom Tonon, at

-------------------- Sound Files --------------------

Pioneering Experiments

Blues I  The very first experimental recording on the very first prototype, by yours truly, recorded straight into a microphone, giving a very acoustic, reedy sound.

Acoustic blues with vocal  My rendition of "In the Evening," by Charles Brown, recorded with the same prototype and recording method as the above.

Accordion with under-the-grille mics.  A ballsier sound with some very interesting pitch bending effects, freely explored as they are discovered:

Professional Recordings

You Can't Judge a Book By It's Cover - by Kenny Kotwitz, who wrote this tune specifically for the BluesBox.

The Moon is Blue - by Kenny and Mary Kotwitz, an instrumentalist/singer combination reminiscent of Les Paul and Mary Ford, with a touch of Art Van Damme.  But you won't be fooled.  This is a highly original musical masterpiece, with the finest musicians, packaged with the highest standards of composition and execution. 

---------------------- Videos ----------------------

---------------------- Prototypes ----------------------
(more pics to come soon)

Piano accordion with one low (bassoon) reed set
Diatonic triple row, with two mid reed sets
Diatonic single row, with one low, two mid, and one high reed sets