Pitch bending technology for free reed musical instruments

For Musicians

Many people ask, "Did you show your invention to a manufacturer?" "How will you market your invention?" "Are you going to sell your invention?"... and so on. 

The approach we've taken is a bit different than going to free reed instrument makers and selling them on the idea of a pitch bending instrument.  Such an approach has its advantages, but disadvantages as well.  We prefer instead to both develop the technology and generate interest in the musical community ourselves.  The technology in building an instrument goes far beyond the patented ideas, and it's an exciting endeavor to figure out the mysteries.  To help us, we have a technology-laden planet.  We have the web!  We also have easy access to industrial materials, tools, equipment, software, etc. from the same supply houses that supply industry at large.  Musicians can now make top quality CD recordings in their own homes.  But admittedly, an approach such as this is low scale, and thus, takes time to bring to fruition.  Hopefully, we will succeed, and some day pitch bending keyed free reed instruments will be widely available. 

Where do you musicians come in?  As you know, there are many types of free reed instruments: English concertinas, Anglo concertinas, piano accordions, melodions, bandoneons, button boxes, chromatic button accordions, bayans, harmoniums, and more, and colloquial variations of these.  Then there are the kinds of music that people play on these instruments - far more than we could even begin to list here.  Developing a feature-altering technology for all these combinations of musical factors is no small task.  What one musician does in one genre of music may mean nothing to musicians in another genre.  Each genre must be treated individually, and we hope that you interested musicians can carry the music to your community. 


So, are you a musician that would like to give it a try?  If you're a serious musician with significant recordings, and still actively recording CD's, we'd be interested in talking with you and in working with you in developing this technology to your liking, so that it can fit into your music.  Think it over.  If you have any questions or things to discuss concerning this offer, please email me, Tom Tonon.